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Boardgames Coming in 2021



2021 is yet another year that promises a lot of new gaming greatness you like. Being aware of the upcoming board games in 2021 is a wonderful and exciting thing. If you don’t know what board games to expect this year, reading this article to the end will help you be up-to-date with the most anticipated board game releases of 2021.

Some of the games on this list feature a luxurious studio and many remarkable designs. Others have been included to add plenty of fun on already existing versions. Either way, all the board games on our selection come with a lot of expectations.

Moreover, various games here had very fruitful Kickstarter campaigns and will be released in 2021, while some have spent quite some time on hold. We believe that we’ll see these titles come pretty soon, although their release dates are not usually guaranteed. That said, let’s now get started.

Oath: The Chronicles of Empire and Exile

The Oath starts as our most anticipated board game of 2021. Several years back, game developer Cole Wehrle and publisher Leder Games joined efforts to produce Root, one of the best and prosperous wargames. And this year, the duo will be availing to us Oath, which is a tableau-building campaign game with specific area control and wargaming elements.

Basically, Oath is a very tactical, fierce, and political game that fits regular players’ collection. This title is creatively designed upon legacy and campaign where one game’s outcomes are combined to form the next’s goals and setup. Nothing can be predetermined or scripted in this game, but it freely follows a meta-narrative regulated by the player’s decisions.

The current impact of the player’s actions will only be experienced by everyone in the following games. Interestingly, players can use the Chronicle Session Journal to record this remarkable history of a classical land and decide its future.

What’s more, one to about six players become the characters in a land that has been stuck in a continuous political upheaval state where there’s a chancellor who is overthrown by another one. So, a player starts the game as this chancellor, desperate to hold onto their remaining power and eager to share with other loyal members. This fascinating game title is set for release in half or third quarter of 2021.


If you are a true fan of Gloomhaven, the Frosthaven might be just the game you need to play this year. Gloomhaven is a co-op board game set in and around a city occupied by different people searching for the best mercenary bands to accomplish their quest.

Because of this, Gloomhaven has long turned to be one of the most popular board games out there. Basing on this fame, there’s no doubt that its outcome, the Frosthaven, is among the top list of the most anticipated games coming in 2021. In other words, it promises every player the release of another new, thrilling, and narrative-based campaign.

Frosthaven carries a lot of weight, considering that many players hope it’ll be the best than its predecessor. This fantasy title changes the storyline to a new group of adventurers who responds to the painful call of a frozen colony located north of Gloomhaven city. Besides, the area has been terrorized by dangerous creatures that continue to fill up the region. As a result, this hostile city requires severe repairs and a group of mercenaries to help keep the people safe from the threatening monsters.

While the player’s quest typically controls Gloomhaven, Frosthaven comes to offer players the chance to develop and protect the station using raw materials they find during their adventures. Ready for the challenge? Well, be sure to play it when Frosthaven gets released in the year.

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning comes as the newest pirate-based game designed by AEG. Dead Reckoning provides its players plenty of options to choose from the several versions already on the market. While players discover the map, they can decide to be the pirate, merchant, or explorer. This will enable them to determine the bonuses they can earn for their ship and crew.

Apart from that, the AEG’s original Card Crafting System lets the players improve their crews by using transparent cards that can be bought through stack upgrades. These cards will offer their teams better and new abilities that can be comn=bined and matched to support the ship’s objectives.

As always, Dead Reckoning has stretch objectives galore with two expansions where one is an alternative add-on feature. There are also exclusive crew upgrades, and optional add-on improved components and extra map tiles. Having an interest in acting and playing as a pirate and obliterate your friend while they peacefully try to discover unchartered waters? Well, Dead Reckoning will be the perfect board game to grab, possibly in May 2021.

Dinosaur World

The release of Dinosaur game versions over the past few years has quite rocked the industry. For instance, there were plenty of title options like Dinosaur Island, Dinogenics, Tiny Epic Dinos, and many others. This game title is the best edition of the concept boasting top-notch design aesthetics and production quality to match.

Basically, the world has not forgotten the island’s dangers and the numerous park facilities that are hard to press and go back to a larger and probably more dangerous park. So, you have to assume the park director’s role to attract tons of tourists to your theme park, outshine your competitors, and keep your guests safe and alive.

While Dinosaur Island focuses a lot on resource management, employee placement, and a few light engine development, the Dinosaur World allows the same. Still, it adds an extra activity of movement around the park and tile placement. To create excitement or initiate the park’s unique abilities, the player must move their park jeep around following the tiles’ map.

However, if the park has more dinosaurs to make the guests excited, the more the Dinosaur World will experience a lot of bloodsheds, just like its predecessor. But if you wish to bet on guests’ lives to get personal profits, stay on watch for the release of the Dinosaur World game title this year.


Quest comes as a spiritual successor board game to Avalon. Its plot is the same universe and probably a few years after the last game. With tons of characters present in Avalon, Quest allows 4 to 10 players to sit at the Round Table and decide who should go to a series of critical missions.

The possibility of Avalo’s collapse is high, and the wicked sorcerer Mordred gathers people to remove Arthur from leadership by enticing his followers over to hers. While desperately trying to avoid this, the king and the remaining loyal servants have to complete some quests successfully without Mordred and her secret followers’ interference.

In the entire game, players have to choose a leader for every quest and are responsible for selecting the other two players to join the team. After that, the chosen member secretly decides whether the mission should be successful or fail. Before making conclusions, one player receives a magic token, forcing all of them to vote for the quest’s success. The game’s fate depends on how many pursuits should succeed or fail. And with the option of adding secret charms to the play, the game becomes more interesting.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

Having published an excellent tactical stealth game with V-commandos, this new board game is of no doubt that it will be fantastic. Typically, the Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood of Venice is a supportive minis game set to be played over a 26 mission campaign. The player will be leveling up their assassin, controlling Templars, and meeting tons of characters from this game’s source of inspiration.

Honorable Mentions

• Lizard Wizard – An upcoming game featured in the Racoon Tycoon series centered on adorable reptiles performing magic.
• Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game – In this game, the player gets to delve into the depths of long-time forgotten wrecks where every character displays a unique set of abilities.
• Soul Raiders – Start an epic quest to limit impending doom in this narrative-based board game. Here, players will assume the role of heroes who try to stop a terrible disaster from occurring.
• HeroQuest – This beloved dungeon-crawler character is coming back to the tabletop after over 30 years. The game consists of a vast range of monsters, treasures, and handy items for the players to explore.

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