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Break Out The Booze! Drinking Games Are On The Menu

Get your best pals together and let’s get blotto!



The weather is warming up and soon enough we’re all going to be walking around in t-shirts, clam diggers and flippy floppys! The anticipation is killing me. With a summer breeze wafting through my mind, I think it’s time to talk about drinking games. They’re fun, irresponsible and a great way to get a party going. I’ll mention now that my weekend warrior days are behind me, and my liver couldn’t be happier. Anyway, here’s a bunch of fun games to play while getting recreationally inebriated!

Two Truths, One Lie

Playing this game requires a lot of imagination and drinking. You can play it even with two friends, such as on a date, but obviously, the more people, the more fun the game will be.

There are two opposing parties. The first person to go will claim three points about himself. One lie is among these three, while the other two are truths about his life. One of the three statements he made must be guessed wrong by the other person. Having both parties seated in front of each other allows for the opponent to guess the answer based on facial expressions. Players who tell the wrong ‘lie’ will have to drink from their cups.

It’s as easy as that. Kinda like a reversed “truth or dare”. 

Circle of death

Circle of Death is similar to Kings. You will only need one deck of cards and a middle cup in order to play this game. When a player’s turn comes, he draws a card. Based on his card and color, he then takes action. A nasty drink is placed in the center of a circular table, and players sit around it. Each player receives one card facing down, and he or she sits face down around the central glass. As each card is picked up, that player passes it to the next player. Every time a card is picked up, a player has to perform an action associated with the card. The rules for each card are as follows:

KING: Make a rule, and let everyone know who is the real king-at least in this game. Any previous rule of this King will be undone by this player. In fact, it will be the player who draws the fourth King who gets to drink the middle cup.

Queen: You ask a random question of another player, and he or she responds by asking another random question of a different player. If no answer can be given to any question, time to drink.

Jack: Thumbtime! At any time, this player can put his thumb on the table, and all others must do the same; if the loser loses, the game is lost.

10: As in the game Categories, this player will call out a category, and then all the other players will list items that fall into it. Before you speak, think carefully. Repeat an answer twice and you’re drinking.

9: Call out a word. Everyone takes turns rhyming with it. Run out of rhymes…it’s drinking time.

8 & below: If it’s a red card, drink the number on the card. If it’s black, hand the drinks out to others!

Ace: As soon as an ace is drawn, all players start waterfall, beginning with the player who chose the card. Everyone basically has to drink until the person to their right runs out. This is also referred to as the waterfall drinking game.

Three Man

You’ll need a pair of dice and the obligatory drinks for this game! One of the players is designated as the ‘Three Man’ and players gather around a circular table with their drinks. The Three Man and one other player roll a dice each and the resulting number tells you what to do!

7: the player to the right of the Three Man drinks

11: the player to the left drinks

9: everybody is drinking!

A sum of 3: the Three Man drinks

4 and an Ace: drop to the ground. Last player to do so drinks

5 and an Ace: point to the ceiling. Slowest player drinks

Doubles: When the doubles are rolled on to the table, the player can direct anyone to drink, including the Three Man.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a classic board game that promises to liven up any gathering of friends. It is one of the best drinking games for a party. In this game, players are not required to follow a set of rules and are encouraged to be creative.

On the Jenga blocks are written a number of different rules. Various rules may apply, such as “drinking three drinks at once”, “picking your nose”, or “dancing whenever you are asked to”. This game becomes more enjoyable as the activities become more creative.

The rule requires the player to abide by it whenever he/she removes a Jenga block from the tower. When the tower collapses, the person responsible for that will have to finish his drink. When played creatively, the Jenga drinking game has many unique ideas and is extremely entertaining.


Looking for a fun drinking game that doesn’t require many resources? Here’s the answer: Quarters. A glass and a quarter are all you need.

A glass sits at the center of a table, and players gather around it. Each player places a quarter on the table’s edge and attempts to flip it into the glass.

If you succeed in doing this, you can direct anyone to drink. This person also gets to decide how the rules will be implemented. We have a new king!

The rules remain in place until someone else flips the quarter accurately. If there is no one to succeed the king, they remain in place.

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