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The world of Warhammer has been busy lately with new releases scheduled to drop for Blood Bowl, Warcry and Kill Team. Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Stormcast Eternals have all seen new miniatures teased while WarCry has had a couple new factions glimpsed on the horizon. We’ll touch on a bunch of cool new things coming out of the Warhammer community so let’s get into it.

WarCry Teasing Two New Factions

Off the hop, I’d say the most exciting thing I’ve seen is the teasing of new Warcry factions. While there hasn’t been too much information released as to what the powers and abilities of these new warbands will be, we can attempt to draw some conclusions based on visuals alone.

So it would appear we are going to be getting a warband based on a spideresque theme. I for one am completely in love with the idea. Fast, dextrous and, hopefully, poisonous, I think the addition of this faction will be perfect for Warcry Meet The Broodmaster. 4 arms with 4 weapons and pretty much no armour means this guy is meant to strike and dodge. I expect this whole faction to be pretty nimble but hopefully not too fragile. It will be interesting

Next up, we have this big fella. His official title is a Slaughterborn and judging by his get-up, it’s fitting. He looks angry. Judging from the (what looks to be elven) heads he’s holding in his hand, this guy knows how to the use the business end of that giant sword he’s holding. To me, this faction is going to trade speed in for brute power. I’d suggest those heads hanging there could be used to intimidate enemies, potentially to freeze them in place. Who knows, maybe he attacks with them like some sort of flail?

Both warbands are set to be released soon and when they are, we’ll be back to talk about the pros and cons of each.

Kill Team: Chalnath Unboxing

Warhammer: Kill Team has been around for a decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. The everything you need to play in a box design is convenient and offers balance that can be hard to find when playing against customized army lists. Kill Team: Chalnath is the most recent release and continues to bring high quality gameplay to the table. This set pits two powerful factions: T’au Pathfinders and the new Adepta Sororitas Novitiates against each other in a struggle for control.

The T’au Pathfinders utilize advanced technology including futuristic bionics, prototype weaponry and these really cool looking drones that offer a bunch of utility.

The Novitiates are a group of battle sisters who yearn for glory and to prove themselves in battle. Still in training, they are looking to graduate and join their power armoured brethren. Using autoguns and pistols for distance and swords for close combat, the Novitiates are a serious threat to the T’au and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

On top of getting two amazing armies, Kill Team: Chalnath also provides the terrain and a good quality board to set everything on. If you’re looking to dip your toes into Warhammer or just want a game you can play with a friend, this is a great place to start! If you want to get you’re copy of the game, pre-ordering is available starting October, 30.

New Blood Angel and Ultramarine Figures

Space Marines. Everyone loves them. Maybe that’s why we’ve been spoiled with new releases this year. For the Ultramarine and Blood Angel fanatics out there, JoyToy is offering a squad of Intercessors complete with bolt rifles and a slew of accessories. Each Marine comes with 2 head options; one with a helmet and one without. On top of that, the Ultramarine Sergeant also gets to wield the Astartes chainsword.

While the release date for these new units hasn’t been revealed, we’ll be keeping a close eye on them and will let you know when they finally drop.

Meet Kroxigor! Blood Bowl Gets a New Baddie

The Lizardmen have something to cheer about and new freak monster to help them at the line of scrimmage! Kroxigor is the newest addition to the team and looks to cause mayhem as it bashes its way around the pitch causing devastation in it’s wake!

We’re all excited, and a little nervous, to welcome Kroxigor to the Blood Bowl….and they have every right to be! Just look at what the Warhammer Community has to say about it.

“With an AV of 10+ and Thick Skull, a Kroxigor is a nightmare to get off the field. It may not be able to handle the ball with any semblance of skill or grace, but that’s not its purpose – using its Strength of 5 and Prehensile Tail to beat down (or at the very least, pin down) and trip up opposing players is what it does best.

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