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Kickstarter Games That Have us Buzzing!

A look at the Kickstarter board game campaigns that are getting us fired up!



Hey hey! Another week in the books. Time to blow off some steam and dig into some board games! There’s a ton of good shizzznit coming down the piped over at Kickstarter and we took a little time to toss some names n games out there that we think are going to be really cool to play.

Happy Thanksgiving or October Family Turkey Weekend!

CHEW: The Roleplaying Game

The award-winning graphic novel series is making a break for gaming tables everywhere! This game takes a crack at creating an alternate universe where there U.S Food and Drug Administration is now the most powerful law enforcement agency in the whole friggin world. The game plays out as an RPG campaign where players battle all sorts of food crimes.

Oh, and there’s mutants too. Food mutants.

A look at the CHEW: The Roleplaying Game page gives a deeper explanation of the game. ‘In a world where all poultry (I’m looking at you chicken) is illegal after a catastrophic outbreak of the bird flu killed over 100 million people, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet.

As a member of the Special Crimes Division, it’s your job to investigate food crimes from chicken trafficking and egg dealing, to fricken (chicken/frog hybrids) mutants gone wrong, and put food-powered criminals behind bars.

Check it out the Kickstarter campaign.


Looking for something with a space, sci-fi feel to it? Are you itching for that 4x game style where real strategy pays off as you expand, explore, exploit and exterminate?

BOOM! Voidfall is your bag, baby.

Here’s a brief run down provided by the publishers, ‘Voidfall is a space 4x game for 1-4 players that brings the genre to Euro enthusiasts tables.

It combines the tension, player interaction, and deep empire customization of the 4x genre with the resource management, tight decisions, and minimum-luck gameplay of an economic Euro.’

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter campaign if you’re interested!

One Deck Galaxy

From the makers of One Deck Dungeon, comes a new flavour that has our mouths watering over here at 6 Sides of Gaming. Play solo or coop with a friend….heck if you buy a second deck you can make it into a 4 player coop bonanza. Build a civilization and create a federation spanning the stars and sit back, watching over your hard teamwork with glorious pride.

But it’s not all going to be easy. Along the way you’ll have to fight through some opponents and managing your resources as your civilization spreads. Each adversary has their own strengths and weaknesses so you’ll have to be clever to get through them.

This is a super compact game and a great purchase for the reclusive, solo gamer. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.


For a more peaceful, thoughtful and calm gaming experience, look no further than Verdant. The gist of the game is trying to create a super cozy space by collecting and arranging houseplants and other objects in your home. There’s much to consider such as making sure your plants are getting enough sunlight, and caring for them using a variety of plant-care actions.

Flatout Games describes Verdant like this, ‘Verdant comes with a variety of end game scoring goal cards allowing you to mix and match new challenges each and every time you play! There are hundreds of unique game setups to explore! Create a beautiful tableau of plants, pets and furnishings as you compete to curate the coziest home!

Not every game needs to be a crash-boom-bang type rock em sock em slug fest and Verdant is a great example of how chill a game can be while still being fun. To visit the Kickstarter campaign, click here!


This bad boy was funded in 16 minutes! That’s really friggin fast and shows how much excitement there is around this game. A quick description from the designer explains the game like this,

‘The Beast uses a deck of direction cards to move over forests, swamps and caverns, using guile and deceit to hide its track from the hunters. However, whenever a hunter moves over a location where the Beast has previously been, a trail appears. Only when a hunter searches a location or the Beast itself attacks an unsuspecting target is the Beast’s actual position revealed. More so, each hunter has but one chance of searching each round, making it a tense and difficult decision. Hunters seldom have full information whether the trail they’re pursuing contains the Beast’s actual location, or if the trail has already gone cold.

This game uses Asymmetrical Drafting which means to take an action, you need to have a card in your hand. No cards = no actions. At the start of each round, hunters and beasts draft cards to try and get the best actions and use them as an advantage.

To win, you either need to work as a well oiled team of hunters or be cunning and elusive as the beast. Beast looks like a really fun game to dig your teeth into. Click here to visit their Kickstarter Campaign.

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