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Six Sides Talks About The Hottest Releases From GenCon 2021

GenCon 2021 is a wrap! Check out some of the amazing game releases we saw at this years convention.



What the hell? It’s almost October! What a bonkers year we’ve had so far. So guys, GenCon 2021 is a wrap and over at Six Sides, we’re super amped up about some of the great game releases we saw this year. Maybe it’s partially due to being cooped up for so long but the energy this year coming from GenCon was something extra.

We’ve had time in the interim to kinda dig into some of the games that have gathered interest and put together a list of 5 games we heavily recommend trying out. Whether it’s a cult classic movie adaptation or an 80’s slasher/survival game, this list is the absolute tits of game releases from GenCon 2021.

The Last Friday

Ok so it’s almost October and so to me, what that says is we have to start this off with The Last Friday. Made for 2 to 6 players, this game combines all the best parts of the 80’s slasher movie genre. One lucky player gets to take on the role of a murderous, stalking, monster while everyone else plays as a group of unlucky teens just trying to survive.

The Last Night uses hidden movement as an instrument to build tension and create a suffocating atmosphere of terror; the perfect recipe for a game centred around horror movie culture. The game moves through 4 chapters which help to push the plot and keeps the game feeling fresh. The role of hunter and hunted changes throughout the game as well so everyone gets a chance to do some stalking. Staying on point with slasher villains, our sick-minded baddie is stealthy and strong while the group looks for equipment and information which is crucial for survival.

Hands down, this is an interesting game employing some lesser-used game mechanics for a unique experience. This is definitely worth picking up and playing on a dark, rainy night.

The Rocketeer: Fate of the Future

1991 was a great year for movies. Terminator 2, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Home Alone were just some of the blockbuster premiers to grace movie theatres around the world. Hidden amongst these giants and set during WWII is a movie about a young man who happens upon a sweet-looking, steam-punk inspired jet pack which he uses to fight Nazis. The movie title, as you may have guessed, is The Rocketeer. Reviews were good. Box office numbers were no so great but as time passes, this movie gained a cult following. Now, Rocketeer fans can rejoice as they sit and play through a game that follows the movie to some degree.

Designed by Prospero Hall who also gave us games such as Jaws, the Disney game Villanous and the moster filled mayhem of Horrified, this game shows promise to be a fun romp. While replayability might be an issue (not sure how fun this game will be on the 4th time through), this game will showcase mechanics which pits players against each other as the villains and heroes from the movie. Be on the look out for The Rocketeer: Fate of the Future at your local gaming store.

The Hunger

I wrote an article, not long ago, on zombie games which got me wondering: why aren’t more monsters being featured in games? Obviously, zombies have an edge as far as mainstream pop culture goes but I had a hard time thinking of any recent releases that showcased werewolves, mummies, vampires and the like. Well, leave it to none other than the creator of Magic the freaking Gathering, Dick Garfield to come up with an answer.

The Hunger is a deck-building game that sees players take on the role of the blood-sucking, creature of the night, Nosferatu! So, what are a bunch of vampires gonna do? Oh, I dunno, maybe hunt down some humans and drink their blood with an unquenchable thirst marking the curse of immortality! DING, DING, DING! Absolutely correct!

Each player will rise at sunset and head out into the night from their individual castles. In the town below is dinner. Go and gorge yourself on the blood of your prey but be wary of the rising sun. Tarry too long and you’ll be burned to ashes under the purifying light of a giant ball of fire! A proven game designer, compelling game mechanics and a fun core premise make this game a must-try.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Volume Two

With the announcement of this game which is the next main installment in the chaotic, skirmish-themed game, fans everywhere got a big shot of excitement. Continuing where it left of with the first game, we see a mash-up of some seriously interesting characters and gameplay combining mechanics utilizing both miniatures and card play. For those new to the franchise, be sure to check out other, already released games.

The characters in this series of games are all based on figures from folk-lore and history from around the world. Play as Sun Wukong – the Monkey King or Achilles. Or, for a darker twist, play as Bloody Mary. Yikes! Each character has its own set of strengths and abilities. For instance, The Monkey King uses trickery to fool his opponent while Bloody Mary can use her ghostly powers to surround and terrify her opponent.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Volume Two promises to build on the already popular first installment and delight us with new ideas and crazy characters to do battle with.

Origins: First Builders

We’re rounding out our list of GenCon 2021 top releases with a fun civilization-based game that offers multiple paths to victory and gives players some choices to mull over. Instead of playing as mere humans though, your role in the game is as super-advanced galactic beings. The goal: to help humans grow and mature into a new age.

Players each take on their own city and make choices on how to develop their society. As the game progresses, new tiles and special abilities are unlocked which pushes each player’s individual plot. Efficient turn use is a high priority in this game and understanding the game mechanics will be a major boost. That makes this game look like it will be seriously replayable and keep gamers coming back for more. Great artwork makes this game pleasing on the eyes so if you’re into a deeper game with lots of decision making, Origins: First Builders is the game for you!

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