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Skyrim Is Coming To A Table Near You And We Think That Is Amazing!

Grab your friends and come get your fill of Elder Scrolls. Skyrim, here we come!



Skyrim has been released 9 times…you read that correctly. That’s how many time 50 Cent was shot. If 9 releases of the same video game seems excessive to you then hang on to your chair because we are getting a 10th release!!! Well, sort of anyway.

Sometime this year (likely August), games publisher Modiphius will be releasing a deep, rich, tabletop version of the acclaimed video game for us all to enjoy. For those who are familiar with Skyrim, the board game takes places almost 3 decades before the video game timeline so expect some surprises and Easter eggs! So then, lets take a look at what a board game version of Skyrim will look like.

You Don’t Have To Be Alone Anymore

One of the first things to note about this game is that while there is a solo option, you can also play this game with up to 4 people in a co-operative setting. Now, I know that not everyone loves co-op games as they can sometimes test the limits of our ability to function as an actual team….(shouting matches during a game of Pandemic, anyone?) but, usually, with a game like this there will be a common enemy and enough autonomy that you can sort of do your own thing and just have fun as a team

Players get to choose from one of six characters; each coming from one of the iconic races featured in the Elder Scrolls games. Options include Dunmer, Nord, Orisimer, Altmer, Imperial and Khajiit and each character has a special set of powers and abilities which I’m sure will be hella fun to use!

Choices Echo An Eternity

Just like in the video games, the choices you and your party make will have a rippling effect on the game as a whole. That’s because The Skyrim board game is played as a campaign instead of just a one off. This promises to make the game have a replayability that might not be found if those choices didn’t exist. Each session lasts roughly 2 hours so in a lot of ways this game will play like a light RPG.

In total, there are two campaigns and each campaign has three chapters before completion. The bones of the story will be told through a narrative deck of 600 cards for the base game. This deck can grow to roughly 700 cards once expansions are included.

The deck of cards contains all of the stories major plot points and quests which is very cool. What it means is that, as the players move through the game, the deck must be kept in a certain state: keeping track of removed cards or shuffling of the deck becomes and important element to help the game run true.

In the end, the deck almost begins to not only tell the story but also becomes a record of your past (both your virtues and your vices). For example, if you kill an NPC early in the game, that character will (of course) remain dead for the entirety of the campaign. Cards drawn later in the game referencing that NPC will undoubtedly have an effect on the party….maybe for the better or maybe for the worse.

Blade Agents

Another cool element to the deck, story telling style of this game is the addition of Blade Agents: powerful characters that are someone randomly generated. It appears as though they will look to work with the team, though it still remains to be seen how they will interact with the game. One thing is constant though, allowing a Blade Agent to die is permanent until the campaign has been finished or the game is reset.

Easter Eggs For The Skyrim Fan

As mentioned earlier, the board game takes place decades before the video game timeline. This means you’ll get to meet some of the NPCs from Skyrim but they’ll be much younger and just starting out as adventurers. I personally love that. There’s a Forgetten Realms, co-op game where you get to play the legendary Drizzt Do’Urden but honestly, I’d rather be a PC and get to meet Drizzt than to actually play as him.

The second campaign takes place just before the arrival of The Dragonborn but the game progresses, you will get to see world events caused by their arrival and also cross paths with them. It’s interactive and offers a new view that will be uniquely board game driven.

Let’s Talk Money

The game initially was set to cost less than how ended up. If you get in early, you might be able to snag a pre-order copy for £68 ($117 CAD) but, due to goddamn covid, logistics have proved to be a pain in the ass. As such, by the time it reaches retail shelves your going to be looking at a hefty, £100 or $172 CAD for the game.

That being said, it’s not THAT much money if you get a few plays in with your friends…or I guess solo if that’s how you roll. For the high-rollers out there, there’s also going to be a deluxe version of the game for about $300 CAD that will include a game mat, all expansions and a bunch of other cool add-ons.

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