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The 40K Balance Update: Nerfing The Power of Dominant Drukhari and Admech Units.

After mauling the competitive scene for some time, Adeptus Mechanicus and Drukhari get a much needed nerfing.



For quite a while now, the Dark Eldar…cough…Drukhari and the Adeptus Mechanicus builds have been running opponents off the table. Drukhari builds feature a speed build which is nothing new but has become worse in tournament play over time. Adeptus Mechanicus builds on the other hand, relying on powerful air support, also have become a thorn in the side of the competitive scene.

To remedy the situation and bring balance to the game, new point schemes have been released.

Warhammer 40k’s new ‘Balance Dataslate’ rules update has been published by Warhammer 40k creator Games Workshop, which raises the two armies that are currently excelling in the competitive gaming community – Drukhari and Adeptus Mechanicus – while also including a variety of other rule changes and adjustments to various factions.

Other modifications include the Succubus HQ’s point cost increasing by 20 points from 60 to 80; Wyches have gone up from 10 ppm to 12ppm, and Raider transports now pay an additional 10 points for the Dark Lance heavy weapon, bringing the popular Raider loadout price from 95ppm to 105ppm.

The Fusilave has risen by 20 points, the Stratoraptor by 20, and the Admech’s most popular Archaeopter aircraft variants ( hallmark of many recent tournament lists ) have both increased by 20 points – the Fusilave to 150 and Stratoraptor 180. The Ironstrider Balistarii mobile nippy lascannon platforms rise by 10 points to 85ppm (including their guns), while the Vanguard and Rangers units fall one point per model, to 9ppm, resulting in an army-wide cost increase.

Apart from that (and other, smaller adjustments), the Balance Dataslate contains a mix of crucial and uncommon rules modifications that will have a significant impact on many Matched Play games.

Here are the biggest changes

All factions

  • In a Combat Patrol or an Incursion-sized force, aircraft units are limited to one; two in a Strike Force army, and three in an Onslaught army.

Astra Militarum

  • The Leman Russ tanks got a 2+ armour save instead of a 3+.
  • Not only can friendly vehicles accept orders, but Leman Russ tanks may do so as well.
  • ‘Voice of Command’ Provides the ability to link additional Infantry units within six inches together using orders.

Chaos Space Marines

  • In my opinion, this is a mistake. The new version of the Death To The False Emperor rule has been updated, and now generates an extra successful hit on a 6+, not just an additional hit roll – and it works against all targets, not JUST those with the IMPERIUM keyword.


  • You may only have one of each of the following: Boomdakka Snazzwagons; Kustom Boosta-blastas; Megatrakk Scrapjets; Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies; and Shokkjump Dragstas.

Imperial Knights & Chaos Knights

  • The count of models held by the unit has been relaxed somewhat. A model is now required to control an objective marker in each Knight vehicle formation (or ten if it’s a Titanic unit).
  • Armiger Knights and War Dogs are now immune to being knocked down in a pure Knights army (Imperial or Chaos).


  • The CORE keyword has been applied to a long list of Necron units, allowing them to be utilized with a variety of powerful tactics and abilities: Canoptek Acanthrites; Canoptek Reanimators; Canoptek Wraiths; Flayed Ones; Lokhust Destroyers; Opydian Destroyers; Skorpekh

According to GW, these changes – which were first revealed in a Warhammer Community piece on Tuesday – are the first of a “new, quarterly series of balance updates”. The first four of these will arrive between the Chapter Approved Grand Tournament Mission packs, which refresh every aspect of the competitive game.

GW doesn’t expect any substantial changes with these minor updates, according to them – but the Drukhari and Admech nerfs were announced early because “These two factions have been dominating the Warhammer 40,000 meta for some time now, so these point adjustments are being brought forward to help reign in their domination.”

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