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Warcry’s New Tome of Champions is Looking To Shake Things Up

New units, new battle settings, new unit points, new everything! Get ready for the new Tome of Champions.



I’m sitting here on a Tuesday, my Whatsapp chat is going nuts because the dudes I play Warcry with are kinda freaking out over the new Tome of Champions. To be honest, I’m pretty excited too. There’s a lot of potential for tweaks to the game to help even the playing field. One of the things that I think a lot of Warcry fans are excited, and dare-I-say, a little nervous about, is the affirmation that a points update is going to be included.

And not just a minor points update either. Allegedly, this new Tome of Champions will cover a large number of units across all four Grand Alliances. Ideally, this will help make some of the weaker factions regain some relevancy (here’s looking at you Nighthaunt, Iron Golems and Bonereapers….among others)

Tier List? What Tier List?

Thanks to Reedo for putting this together

If there’s one thing the internet has been really good at doing..and I mean really, is that it has connected gamers from all over the world. By chatting and discussing their findings, gamers basically figure out how to turn everything into tier lists or power rankings. Warcry, which is supposed to be a super casual game, has still been broken down and given a tier listing.

If there’s one thing I and many others have noticed, is that the majority of the warbands created specifically for Warcry are just straight up not very powerful. A combination of mediocre stats, combined with sometimes higher than average point totals means you’re tabling a warband that will just be worse than some of the warbands being made from larger, Age of Sigmar armies.

The New Tome of Champions

Now that I’ve ranted about the inequalities of the game, I want to circle back to the light at the edge of the horizon. This weekend, preorders begin for Warcry’s Tome of Champions and there’s a lot to get excited about!

Not only will the book (hopefully) bring balance to the force…I mean game, but it’s also going to make your game nights better in lots of other ways too. There are new siege battles to test the depth of your strategy and luck. Better still, there’s an additional 32 units being added to the game. Dubbed Bladeborn Fighters, these units can either be used to create a warband OR to beef up a warband you’ve already got!

Bladeborn Fighters = Happy Iron Golems

Anyone who’s ever used one of the lower-power ranked warbands can tell you how salty it can be. And for many of the warbands, there just wasn’t enough support in the ways of adding allies.

Now, we have a bunch of new options to help beef up our skirmish lists. While we don’t have all the details, what we do know is that each of the 4 Grand Alliances is getting a host of new units to choose from.

Each one of these units is basically legendary. What this means is that you’ll only be able to play one of them in your warband, but honestly, that’s totally fine with me. I just like the idea of being able to take factions that don’t get much play and give them tools to succeed. It makes for a better community overall and is true to what the game stands for.

Siege At The Legendary City of Carngrad

Thank you Warcry Community for this sweet pic

The new Tome of Champions will also be adding a new game setting to the mix. On one side, the attackers: aided by one monster of their choice, are tasked with the bloody mission of taking down a heavily fortified gatehouse, capturing objective and trying to slay the opposing team’s messenger before they escape.

Not shying away from the onslaught, defenders must repel the attackers while keeping as many of their units alive. On top of trying to keep their keep, so to speak, they must also escort their aforementioned messenger off the board before being overwhelmed.

All in all, the new book looks to have a bunch of great new additions to an already fun game. I bought a Mindstealer to help fill out my Unmade warband and to be honest, it’s made a hugely positive impact on my games. That being said, it’s always felt a little off-brand (why would a Mindstealer be hanging out with a bunch of self-mutilating wackos?). I’m excited to see what the Bladeborn Fighters look like and what awesome new abilities will be revealed. Pre-orders start this weekend and I am stoked!

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